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Joseph Alexander, a 64 year old man, dedicates his life to his family and making the world more healthy.  He beleives that healthiness is happiness and is therefore attempting to provide a tried and true adaptogen to the public.  His twin daughters are loyal helpers as is his son, who is concerned with the marketing. His wife of 20 years, Siddha has always been a great support to our family as well as our business.

Our founder.

Our Goals
  • To  bring better health to America and the entire world. 
  • To satisfy our customers with excellent flavor and health in our products.
  • To make our business simple and user friendly.

Joseph Alexander was introduced to Lepidium peruvianum (maca) by Jerry Black in the late 90's. He has continued its use daily to maintain optimum health. He has no need for other health supplements natural or pharmaceutical. Or natural stimulants like ginseng or guarana. Nor does he use coffee or chocolate which are known to contain an addictive stimulant, caffeine.

Since he found the healing power in this root, it has been his plan to make it available to every home. He swears that he has never felt better in his life and you can call him on that if you like.

With the aid of our personal friend Jerry, the herbal botanist that discovered this root in Peru in 1997, we have made maca available in bulk.

Both the effect and taste are comparable to cocoa and coffee, yet maca contains no side effects such as headaches and depression. This root releases your natural energy by providing the essential amino acids required to produce the enzyme required
to release the phosphate ions from the adinotryphosphate (ATP).

Our family business is just that; no paid employees. Like any business we plan to grow; and our efforts will put maca on the shelf beside the coffee and cocoa in your home. We feel that this site is the first step to accomplish that goal and we appreciate your support.






INCA GOLD LLC   PO. Box 100 Badger, California  93603

For additional information, Please e-mail us at  healtherbs@aol.com  or call our office at  559.337.2222


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