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Lepidium Peruvianum (maca root)


The maca root shown to the right is ground into fine powder, then roasted and shipped to your home. If it is raw that you prefer we have organic sun dried roots ground into a fine powder in their raw state.  This delicious powder has a malt flavor that is excellent for smoothies; and may be added to mashed potatoes, pancake batter, and many of your favorite foods.
In its roasted form, it makes a great coffee substitute as it is easily dissolved in hot or cold water. It tastes like cocoa and coffee when added to sugar and milk or your favorite dairy substitute (rice, soy, or almond milk).  If you choose not to use milk or sugar, it goes well in water with honey or maple syrup. Regardless of what powder you use or how, this magical root will bring an improvement to your health and well being. You will have enhanced energy and stamina without disturbing your sleep, and you may remain calm and focused in the process.


INCA GOLD LLC   PO. Box 100 Badger, California  93603

For additional information, Please e-mail us at  healtherbs@aol.com  or call our office at  559.337.2222


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