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with auto-shipment you will save one dollar on every purchase of any of our superfoods.  you can receive a pound of Macaroast monthly for the extremely low price of $18.99, plus shipping. with the added convenience of auto-shipment you will receive the same quantity for less cash. you may never have to go to the internet again to order our products. 
not only is it far more convenient, but it even gets better. we have created a superfood cooperative, and each member contributes to the cost of products to other members; each member will receive their products for less, and that includes Macaroast.
upon ordering, you will be placed in a matrix with other maca members and each of the other members will share your monthly cost.
this is a great opportunity for us to make maca available to more people and the price will be lowered for everyone.
by simply making a purchase you are making this network grow, and we can certainly use your help. every time a member makes a purchase the other members get a dividend. we plan to get over a million members into this program, thus the name MMN (multi million network). please visit our shopping cart on the navigation bar and place your order today.

If you are interested in making your purchase now,  you may do so by clicking the shopping cart on the navigator bar to the left of the screen.
We accept Pay Pal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. If you pay by personal check, your order will ship 5 business days after we receive your check. 
You may also call 559.337.2516 to place your order by phone.
Our Privacy Policy:
Contact information or financial information including credit card numbers, expiration dates, email address, telephone number, or billing address, which is provided by the user will be used solely to bill the customer for their order. This also includes information provided that pertains to to gift recipients.   

INCA GOLD LLC   PO. Box 100 Badger, California  93603

For additional information, Please e-mail us at  healtherbs@aol.com  or call our office at  559.337.2222


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