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We offer our thanks to the following:


Our thanks especially to Jerry Black a dear friend of the family, who discovered Maca while searching for rare herbs in the Andes.
He has literally saved this root by reintroducing its cultivation to the indigenous people of the Andes. He has introduced a sustainable farming practice and encouraged the cultivation of Maca  by the indigenous people of Peru.
Maca is produced and prepared by these native people for our use throughout the globe. It is through their effort that we are able to make this herb available to you at a reasonable price considering its rarity and the altitude ( 14,000 ft ) at which it is harvested.

Our sincere gratitude to Laurie McCain, the mother of Sati, Sita, and Yeshua: the children who maintain this site. Her efforts have unquestionably been essential for the foundation of our family business.
We could not have created such a venture as to make this herb available throughout the entire world on the Internet.



Our thanks to Sati who is currently in charge of the shipping department, as well as all incoming orders. With love and devotion she makes this product available to you as best she can by walking a mile to the post office daily. Your health is in her hands!


this is Sati's twin sister Sita. she is in control of our advertising department, which includes art, website design, pamphlets, flyers, and other media presentations.


And special thanks to Yeshua Alexander, the proud creator of this site.


And thanks to the people of the South America, who grow, harvest, grind, roast, and prepare this root for shipping to your home or place of business.
For your  family, friends, employees, clients, and neighbors to enjoy.
Maca is the most nutritional superfood known to man.

INCA GOLD LLC   PO. Box 100 Badger, California  93603

For additional information, Please e-mail us at  healtherbs@aol.com  or call our office at  559.337.2222


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